Underdog Literature: 15 fresh or notable, off-the-wall titles

Here are 15 books that caught my interest lately.

Fresh, off-beat, quirky or curious titles that might deserve more attention:


01: EDAN LEPUCKI, ‘If you’re not yet like me’, 102 pages, 2010

02: VANESSA VESELKA, ‘Zazen’, 256 pages, 2011

03: A.S. KING, ‘Please ignore Vera Dietz’, 336 pages, 2010 [YA Lit]

04: BEN TANZER, ‘Most likely you’ll go your way and I’ll go mine’, 180 pages, 2008

05: BEN TANZER, ‘You can make him like you’, 222 pages, 2011

06: JERRY MANDER, ‘Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television’, 376 pages, 1978 [Essay]

07: CHRISTIE HODGEN, ‘Elegies for the Brokenhearted’, 256 pages, 2010

08: MEGHAN O’ROURKE, ‘The Long Goodbye’, 320 pages, 2011

09: ADAM LEVIN, ‘The Instructions’, 1030 pages, 2010

10: PHILIP HENSHER, ‘King of the Badgers’, 300 pages, 2011

11: COLIN MELOY [Singer of ‘The Decemberists’], ‘Wildwood’, 560 pages, 2011 [Kid’s Book/Genre]

12: JULIA WERTZ, ‘Drinking at the Movies’, 192 pages, 2010 [Graphic Novel]

13: GRANT MORRISON, ‘Supergods’, 431 pages, 2011 [Literary Theory of Super-Hero Graphic Novels]

14: MARTIN BÜSSER, ‘Der Junge von nebenan’, 100 pages, 2009 [German Graphic Novel]

15: RICARDA JUNGE, ‘Die komische Frau’, 188 pages, 2010 [German]


Here are five books that made me curious enough to buy them:

01: ANTHONY POWELL, ‘A Dance to the Music of Time’, 732 pages, 1951 [more here]

02: DOROTHEE ELMIGER, ‘Einladung an die Waghalsigen’, 140 pages, 2010 [German]

03: MARIANA LEKY, ‘Die Herrenausstatterin’, 208 pages, 2010 [German, Hildesheim Author]

04: JUDITH ZANDER, ‘Dinge, die wir heute sagten’, 480 pages, 2010 [German, recommended by Sabrina Janesch]

05: SUSAN J. DOUGLAS, ‘Where the Girls are: Growing up female with the Mass Media’, 349 pages, 1994 [Essay]


…and finally, here are three books that I read – and that were really good:

5 of 5 stars: GABRIEL BÁ, FABIO MOON, ‘Daytripper’, 256 pages, 2011 [Graphic Novel]

4 of 5 stars: JOSH KILMER-PURCELL, ‘The Bucolic Plague’, 304 pages, 2010 [Memoir]

4 of 5 stars: BRENDA UELAND: ‘If you want to write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit’, 179 pages, 1938 [Essay]

What have you read? What made you curious? Recommendations?


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