Best Books of the Year: My personal Top 20


(After a quick teaser / similar list in October [Link]…)

…here are the 20 very best books I’ve read in 2011:


20: LEIF RANDT: “Schimmernder Dunst über CobyCounty”, (German) Novel, 2011.
Schimmernder Dunst über Coby County

19: JASON: “I killed Adolf Hitler”, Norwegian Graphic Novel, 2006.
I Killed Adolf Hitler

18: JEAN KWOK: “Girl in Translation”, Young Adult / Memoir, 2010.
Girl in Translation

17: GRANT MORRISON: “We3”, Graphic Novel, 2005.

16: TEREZIA MORA: “Der einzige Mann auf dem Kontinent”, Novel (German), 2009.
Der einzige Mann auf dem Kontinent: Roman

15: A.S. KING: “Please ignore Vera Dietz”, Young Adult Novel, 2010.
Please Ignore Vera Dietz

14: JONATHAN FRANZEN: “Freedom”, Novel, 2010.

13: SUSAN J. DOUGLAS: “Where the Girls are: Growing up Female with the Mass Media”, Cultural Studies, 1994.
Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media

12: KATHRYN STOCKETT: “The Help”, Novel, 2009.
The Help

11: DAVID MAZZUCCHELLI: “Asterios Polyp”, Graphic Novel, 2009.
Asterios Polyp

10: JENNY ERPENBECK: “Visitation”, Novel (German), 2008.

09: JULIE ORRINGER: “The Invisible Bridge”, Holocaust Novel, 2010.
The Invisible Bridge

08: KEIKO TOBE: “With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child”, Self-help Manga, 2000-20010. (I wrote about it here, Link)
With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child (With the Light, #1)

07: WALLACE STEGNER: “Crossing to Safety”, Novel, 1987.
Crossing to Safety

06: DANIEL CLOWES: “Ghost World”, Graphic Novel, 1997.
Ghost World

05: EVAN S. CONNELL: “Mrs. Bridge” – Novel, 1959.
Mrs. Bridge

04: GARY SHTEYNGART: “Super Sad True Love Story” – Satire / Novel, 2010.
Super Sad True Love Story

03: AYN RAND: “Atlas Shrugged” – Novel / (pretty insane) Treaty, 1957.
Atlas Shrugged

02: TOVE JANSSON: “Summer Book” – Finnish Seaside Childhood Tale, 1972.

01: GABRIEL BÁ, FABIO MOON: “Daytripper” – Graphic Novel, 2011.


For a complete list of books I’ve read in 2011, please go here [Link].


In comics, I’ve also enjoyed Ed Brubaker’s “Catwoman” books [Link], Bryan Q. Miller’s “Batgirl” [Link], large parts of Peter Tomasi’s “Green Lantern Corps” [Link], John Ostrander’s “Suicide Squad” [Link]

…and Kiyohiko Azuma’s amazing kid’s series “Yotsuba&!” [Link].

Have a good 2012! More to come!


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