Viral VIdeo

Viral Wednesday: Seven odd, weirdly compelling Animated Videos

I’m not a big fan of viral videos…

…but: Here are 7 vids that left an impression – or a mark – on me over the last couple of years. Imaginative, pretty and/or… disturbing fun:

1) ‘The Dark Knight’ meets ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ (a good number of my Facebook friends went crazy with delight):

2) A cute, real-life stop-motion Super Mario with post-its:

3) Violence against kids TV characters, US edition. (Great direction: Looks disturbingly cinematic and relevant):

4) Violence against kids TV characters, German edition:

5) German: Weird sexual innuendos in a TV show about animals (unfortunately, the German word for ‘tail’ also stands for ‘dick’). [Start watching at 00:50]:

6) A cute video about long-distance friendships:

7) A music video with LOTS of cool visualisations: